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Themed VJ Loops, combined in Big Bundles

Get a lot of themed content at once and save money - try VJ Bundles

Need some certain themed VJ loops? Vj Bundle is the best choice for you! 5 common theme VJ Loops Packs by Lime Art Group content production company, combined in one product. Get over a 100 visuals in one go cheaper than usual. Save time and money – get high-end content in one click! 

EDM VJ Loops Bundle

Abstract colorful scenes for EDM Club and Festival Visual Performance and VJ Show. Powerful beats and blinding flashes for synchronization with rave music. Make a full immersion into rhythm for your audience.

STAGE VJ Loops Bundle

Exclusive VJ Loops Packs for decorating backgrounds of stage music concerts, club parties. Also, can be used for online broadcasting for creating depth and space illusion. Slow motion backgrounds and looped video stage decorations. Full HD quality and best price in bundle.

RAVE VJ Loops Bundle

VJ footage of beautiful fit sexy ladies on the abstract colorful backgrounds. Dancing PJ girls in extraordinary costumes showing their best moves. Over a hundred high-quality VJ loops for RAVE Events, virtual online events. Enjoy all the variety of Lime Art Group Rave VJ Loops.

GLITCH VJ Loops Bundle

Bundle of 5 original VJ Loops packs of abstract glitching videos for VJing, video composing, motion background screens and many more. Feel how reality become unstable. Seems like matrix servers are failing. Stroboscopic flashes, cold palette colors, geometry pattern and kaleidoscopes.

BURN VJ Loops Bundle

Fire up your show with a flame bundle. Rock concert, Halloween themed party or anything you want. High quality fiery visuals by Lime Art Group. 5 VJ Loops Packs of exclusive visuals and motion backgrounds with fire animations and mirroring, distorting effects.

TECHNO VJ Loops Bundle

Five VJ Loops Packs of cyber themed visuals in one bundle. VJ content for techno raves and festivals. Decorate your show backgrounds with geometric shapes, sci-fi interface elements, lasers, sharp lights, abrupt animations and visual effects.

OCCULT VJ Loops Bundle

Over 100 VJ Loops of 5 Packs with occult signs, creepy figures and scary creatures. Looped videos for VJing, motion background decorations and video projections. Create gloomy atmosphere for your themed party with exclusive visuals from Occult bundle by Lime Art Group.


Make a smart move – buy wholesale! Take everything at once! Get all VJ Loops by LIME ART GROUP in solid external hard drive.

Don’t spend more time to searching, choosing, downloading. Order HDD Kit, stuffed with thousands of looped visuals for VJing, video composing, live-streaming and decorating with animated backgrounds. Full range of formats, resolutions, colors. Any theme – wild rave, fashion show, posh exhibition, music stream – anything you want. Huge collection of best quality VJ content, packed in convenient form. Provide yourself an unlimited stock of creative content for your shows.

– Over 2000 royalty-free looped videos and animations
– Full HD, UltraHD & 4K Resolution.
– Abstractions, symbolic visuals, video footage and 3D graphics
– Uploaded on high-performance 1Tb HDD with USB3.0 connection.
– Express delivery to any country in 5-7 work days right to your doors